Different Techniques for Masturbation to Satisfy a Woman’s Desire While Playing Solo

Whether you’re new to exploring your body or trying different ways to satisfy your sexual desire, people have various questions related to masturbation. Masturbation is one kind of sex that is not discussed much. You will not read it in any female magazines and your friend might not admit that they do it. However, you’re not alone, there are many questions related to masturbation. Self-love can be great for mind, body and soul.

With many sex toys on the market it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed.  Do your research and go to your local sex store. Staff there should be educated on products and be able to help answer any questions you have.

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Masturbation is about exploring your body and learning what makes you feel good. It’s important for you learn about your body and practice self love.

Techniques of masturbation

  • Initially ignore the sensitive spots and explore other parts of the body that hint your brain for sexual arousal, this will arouse you more. Play with your nipples, touch and rub smoothly the other parts of the vulva other than the clitoris or play with the vulva before inserting your finger in the vagina.
  • Choose the rhythm that best suits you. It can be patting, rubbing tapping to thrusting, or using a sex toy.
  • Edging in masturbation gives you a long and intense orgasm. In this technique, you either stop touching yourself or give a pause to calm your body.
  • Place your finger on the clitoris and move in circular motion till you reach your orgasm. You can also give surprises to your body by changing the motion to another technique.
  • Some movements feel pain when rubbing their extremely sensitive clitoris. Therefore you can use the layering technique where you can layer the pubic area with hair, fabric, or through clitoris hood
  • Pillow humping also brings pleasure similar to the layering technique. Adjust the pillow on the vulva and put pressure on it until you feel pleasure during movement.
  • The showerhead technique is way simpler and can be done within the bathroom. Simply use a moveable shower head, place it on the vagina and turn on the water.
  • Anal play with fingers or sex toys also gives pleasure because it hits the G-spot. If you’re doing it for the first time then start smoothly and slowly and use a lubricant to avoid pain.

There are various techniques for satisfying sexual desire. Every female body has its demand. If you’re using sex toys, remember to clean them before and after each use to avoid infection or unwanted bacteria.