A Guide to Purchase Kihei Condo – Know the Important Things Before You Purchase


Purchasing a property is not an easy task, and the buyer should pay attention before making a decision. In this article, you can learn a few important things to consider when purchasing a condo in Maui.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing A Condo


The primary thing you have to consider when purchasing a property is its location. Few people like vacation rentals, while others say they don’t like to stay near vacation rentals. As you know, Maui County is a great vacation place, so purchasing a vacation rental will help you to earn a decent income. Think twice and choose the right location that meets your needs.

AOAO/HOA or maintenance fees

Each condominium development in Hawaii will have an Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO). This association will have condo owners who run and maintains condominium complex. The maintenance fees include everything from water to maintaining the landscape, insurance, and others. There are a few firm guidelines for reserves, and it is used when the complex requires painting, a new roof, or a parking lot.

Usage of common areas

The main advantage of staying in condos is no need to worry about the maintenance of swimming pools or landscapes.  Instead, you have to follow the rules of the common areas and how you can use them. For instance, using a swimming pool with 40 neighbors every day is difficult. However, you can know where it is and the availability of golf courts, tennis court, clubhouse, and others.

Distance to the beaches

The next important thing that you have to look for is how close your condo to beaches, whether you can walk or drive over there, and how many beaches are near the condo? A few people consider beaches that have lifeguards. Others choose condos that are at walkable distance to walk and enjoy beach parks, dining, and more. So, make sure what surrounding areas you like to have. Before making a decision, educate yourself regarding the complex and its surrounding.


When compared to other States, there is less parking in Hawaii and Maui. A few condos come with a 2-car garage or 1-car garage with limited capacity, while most complexes will have open stalls, open parking because there will be no snow and the climate is too good over here. So, it is important to be clear about what you want to do with the condo.

No pets or pets

The popular question asked by many buyers is, are pets allowed? It depends on the zone and rules of a particular complex. Many condo complexes, particularly long-term complexes allow pets.

In addition to these, check about the financing options, fee simple or leasehold, and others. To buy the best condo that meets your preferences within your budget, gather information about the best realtors who offer quality, choose a trustworthy one, and contact them today.





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