Red Flags to Notice While Looking for A PPC Agency

You will need the help of a PPC agency or even of a consultant to successfully manage your Google Ads campaigns. Hence, choosing the best one is the first step towards a successful business. When you choose a PPC consultant or even an agency, you are handing over the future of your company in their hands, and hence making the right choice is mandatory.

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You cannot just settle to the first name that pops in your search tool while looking for a PPC agency or consultant. Here are some of the red flags to notice while choosing any PPC consultant or agency for your business.

  • Fake Certifications 

Google works in association with some of the Partners programs. These programs list the PPC agencies and the consultants according to their certifications. The agency names that have fulfilled all the required criteria are allowed to join the list. Series of tests will be conducted on the names and the results will decide whether the name of the PPC agency or consultant will reach the list of authentic names or not.

Every agency is allowed to add a link to their webpage that will guide them back to the Google or Bing Ad webpage, where you can find the certificate of authentication of any PPC agency or consultant.

  • Limitation in the Access or Even Blocking of the Account 

The account that you open on any PPC agency web page should be easily accessible to you anytime and anywhere. No matter what updates you might get or the facilities that you can experience from signing up with any PPC agency, you should never be blocked from accessing your account, or even experience some limitations while accessing the date in your account.

The best way of avoiding the issue is by knowing in advance about what you can access and do with your account opened on any PPC agency webpage.

  • Special Relationship with Google 

Google allows a Partner program to the businesses that wish to update their AdWords campaign in it. This doesn’t mean that your company has obtained certain special treatment from Google’s side.

If you find any PPC agency that claims to have a special relationship with Google AdWords and is using it as a mode of SEO marketing, then avoid such business names.

  • Over-promising Options 

If you feel like you are impressed with the webpage of any PPC agency, then you will surely wish to contact them to know more about the way they handle your PPC campaign. When you speak to them, they should at least have a glance at your webpage and should offer an understanding, along with some pointers that work in your favour. The agencies that fail to do so, and yet promise many things are worth avoiding.

  • Poor Command Over the English Language 

You can find hundreds of PPC agencies that promise many things on their webpage. However, when you have a one-to-one chat with the concerned professional, you should feel like investing in their agency, and not withdraw from them, because of the poor communication skills.

  • Guaranteeing the Top-Most Position 

No matter how good your AdWords campaign content is, no PPC agency can guarantee the top-most place, especially when they are not aware of your budget and the type of keywords that you are using there.

For instance, if you are a plumber working with the PPC budget of $50, then you cannot stay in the top-most position on the list unless you are willing to contribute an unlimited budget. This is not possible in most cases, and hence avoiding such agencies is suggested.

  • Trying to get the Login Information of Your Account 

Every PPC agency should first review your account, before speaking to you personally. However, they do not need the login information of your account to do so, and if your PPC agency is asking for the details, then avoid such websites.

You can learn more about such red flags by visiting some websites that offer detailed information regarding what PPC agencies to avoid. Learn about them in detail and make the right choice, while planning an investment in PPC.