7 Ways That We All Burn Candles Wrong

  1. Don’t Choose Your Candle Carelessly

A candle burns approximately five to seven hours each ounce. What you may not have known, and it is counterintuitive at best, is that a three-wick candle placed in the same vessel as a single-wick candle will burn slower. Three Wicks will increase the life span of a candle. Instead of tunneling down the center of the candle (nearly to the one-wick) when lit up, the wax heats sufficiently (from the three flames), to pool across the entire candle.” This ensures that you are using all of the wax within your candle as it burns. If you are concerned about indoor air quality, a soy candle with an essential oil-based scent will give you the best burn. Paddy wax combines their soy with food-grade paraffin wax. This has a higher melting point. Candle making kits for beginners helps in making of last and longer candles.

The candle will need to burn longer to melt paraffin, so it will take the candle longer to get the scent out. If you are looking for candles next time, it is worth considering a larger candle in a soy/paraffin wax blend with three wicks.

  1. Only Trimming Your Wick Once

It is advises that you trim the wick to 1/4″ each time your candle is lit. This will prevent it from burning too often and leaving soot marks in your container. long or crooked candles can lead to uneven burning, dripping, flaring, and even smoldering. To make cuts, you can use regular scissors and a nail trimmer. You don’t need a dedicated trimmer. But, one can look pretty cute next to a candle or matchbook on a coffee table. The flat-tip design isn’t inherently useless. It gives the old wick a place to sit while trimming and prevents tiny soot particles from sticking in your candle. Make sure to trim the wick only after the wax has completely dried.

  1. It’s not enough to light your candle for the first time

You need to make sure your candle burns evenly the first time it’s lit. Wax is like muscle memory and will continue to burn in the same pattern each time. The candle can tunnel if it is lit long enough. If your candle begins to tunnel, you will lose all the wax surface area that is available for future burns.

  1. Give up on a badly-burned candle

You read that right. There are two options to bring back a slightly tunneled candle. You have two options: either heat the candle in a 175-degree oven for five minutes or use a hairdryer on a low setting to smoothen it. These two actions will melt the wax. Remove any wax that has escaped from the wick.

  1. Burn time is not something you should be paying attention to

Burning your candle more than four to six times per hour. Your candle should not overheat. She warns that if you allow the entire candle to become liquid, the

Wicks and wicks may float to the sides, and it will burn unevenly. You should always keep a lit candle close to your eyes.

  1. Burning Your Candles

Seriously. I thought snuffers would be a marketing ploy. But when you blow out an open flame, it creates and spreads the little black ash particles which get trapped in the wax. But you don’t necessarily have to buy a candle snuffer. You can also use a lid to protect the flame. The top helps keep dirt and dust away. Before moving the candle, it is best to let it cool completely.

  1. You should not reuse your vessels

Paddy wax’s candles can all be recycled. This is also true for many other manufacturers. Ceramic, metal, and glass are safe for eating. Concrete is safer than concrete as a potter, a make-up brush holder, or pencil cup.