Love eggs: What You Should Know


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What is a love egg?

Love eggs are small, smooth, egg-shaped toys that are used internally (vaginally).They can be controlled via remote control or an attached wire controller.

Ben wa balls and Jiggle balls are not the same as love eggs. These don’t typically vibrate and are ball-shaped, as opposed to egg-shaped. You can just wear them as they come.

How do love eggs work and how can you tell?

Love eggs are designed to stimulate your vaginal walls and G spot, giving you a full-body sensation while you wear them.

A remote controller can be set up to give you different vibration levels, allowing you to choose from light, strong, or patterned vibrations depending upon your mood.

They are so wonderful!

They are the perfect tease! They’re great fun, especially when you give them the remote control and let your partner decide what to do.

You can have endless fun with love eggs if you give them plenty of lubrication when they are inserted.

Wireless Love Egg Explained

While the traditional love egg has been around for many decades, wireless is a newer version. This little sexy toy can be discreetly worn in public or at home.

What’s a wireless love egg?

The love egg is an egg-shaped sex toy that is placed in the vagina, around the g-spot. You will feel a pleasant sensation as the egg moves against your vagina walls when you move. You might also find your private sex toys getting caught on your vagina. With the included remote control, the love egg can be wirelessly controlled in a car-style fashion.

People who use love eggs also have benefits. For example, you can squeeze with the walls to increase muscle control.

Use A Love Egg

Eggs are very easy to insert. We recommend using a little lube for a more comfortable experience. The egg also comes with a retrieval cord that hangs from the outside of the vagina.

Once you have inserted the remote fob, you can start to play with all the vibrating settings. For extra fun, you can both wear your love egg out in public and give the remote fob to your partner. All our eggs come with batteries included so that you can start using them as soon as yours arrives.

Remote control love bug is available in Black. It comes with 10 powerful pulsating vibrating settings.

You can use the easy-to-use control by yourself or give it to a friend to help you control your ultimate Pleasure. This will also help strengthen your pelvic muscles, allowing for more intense or stronger orgasms.

For extra naughty fun, you can use this sex toy in public. Also, feel free to retrieve the vibrating egg using the retrieval cord.

It’s a great sex toy for any naughty collection. You will receive it via our discreet Delivery service, right at your door in plain packaging.


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