Check How Is A Glo Device Better Than Traditional Form Of Smoking Cigarettes


Smoking is a personal choice whether it is enjoyed with the conventional form of regular cigarettes or through a heated tobacco device. There are many options for smoking.

Difference between traditional cigarettes and heated devices

Hookahs, pipes, and hand-rolled tobacco are a few options as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes and vapours are examples of technological advancements that include tobacco heating products.

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Difference between cigarettes and heated tobacco products

The basic difference between smoking traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco products is that while the former involves burning tobacco and is lit with fire and lighter, the latter involves heating tobacco in place of burning.

It is obvious to note that the burning of tobacco is more harmful as it involves the emission of smoke, chemicals, and harmful products. It is due to the enhancement of technology that today users have multiple options to replace their smoking habits with heated devices.

Benefits of using a heated device like Glo

Glo is one of the tobacco heating devices that works only with Neo sticks, a specifically designed stick for Glo devices. The tobacco in a Glo device is heated to about 270 degrees with a battery and not burnt. This eradicates any combustion or burnt chemicals like in traditional cigarettes.

  • When tobacco is heated and not burnt in a Glo device, the result is an aerosol or moist air and no smoke.
  • This reduces the risk of inhaling burnt tobacco that is with traditional cigarettes
  • There is no fire and ash with a Glo device as the tobacco is just heated instead of burning
  • There is no source of open flame hence, there is no form of danger
  • Steam is released instead of smoke that gives out less odour.
  • Glo devices offer a satisfying and pure form of smoking experience with various Neo stick options in different tobacco flavours and aromas.

Cleaning your Glo device

  • Ensure your device is completely cool before you start cleaning it.
  • Open both the side lock and the cleaning flap.
  • Remove moisture that forms at the bottom of the device after every 5 sessions and the cleaning flap with a soft clean cloth.
  • Clean the heating chamber from both sides with a brush.
  • Keep the brush clean after cleaning the heating chamber and dry it completely before new cleaning.
  • Your Glo device is clean and ready to be used.

Ensure to protect your Glo device from scratches. Hence, store it properly when not in use so that it remains free from dust accumulation.

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